We support senior decision-makers gain the confidence and insight to make the right choices for healthcare

The value we add

Mansfield assist health and social care providers to grow, financial investors to make money and commissioners to get more for what they spend.

We do this through old-school strategic consulting, knowing our sector from real experience and being up-to-date with recent developments.

The work we do

We are a strategy consultancy focused entirely on medtech products, hospitals, elderly and specialist care services and consumer healthcare.

We provide knowledgeable, fact-based insight to make the right choices and implement strategies successfully.

Our work can be external market or trends research, or internal strategy development within a combined team.

Who we are

Adam Scott and Dr Victor Chua founded Mansfield Advisors LLP to concentrate on serving healthcare clients and to build reinforcing knowledge, networks and insights across the health and care sectors.

We hire disproportionately medical doctors, for their understanding and real life experience, but then train them into strategy consultants.

We are based in London, working predominantly in the UK and Ireland for providers and across multiple European countries for investors and corporate clients.

Our Focus


Acute Healthcare

Primary Healthcare


Veterinary Services



Mental Health

Social Care

Children’s Services

We work for business and healthcare leaders


from Harley Street


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but no more.