Our People


Key Values

At Mansfield we always use a set of key questions to govern our work and ensure value:

Remove Barriers

Are we sure our real knowledge of how medicine or care works now is never a barrier to asking the right questions about how it could be?

Bulletproof Analysis

Have we made this analysis bulletproof – reproducible, transparent and conceptually elegant?

Thorough Communication

Is this communication as simple as possible but no more?

Time vs Value

Am I helping to gain time for client team members?

Aligned Objectives

Do we truly understand our client’s position and what they’re trying to achieve right now?

Profit Drivers

Are we applying commercial skills even outside of for-profit companies?

Key Values

Is there true clinical and personal value in this proposed change or product?

Professional Assurance

What would we do as the owners of this business? (Especially if it is state owned.)

Accomplish The Goal

Will our clients be sorry to see us go?